Regulations of the pilot project for epidemiologically safe international youth hockey tournament “Riga Hocky Cup-2022”

Latvia, Riga

COVID-19 protocol

1.04.2022- 1.05.2022.

NOTE: this is a living document and subject to change at any time by the organizers in its sole discretion!


Venue No. 1. Inbox ice hall, Hokeja Street 1, Pinki, Babites parish, LV-2107
Venue No. 2. Volvo ice hall, Jūrmalas gatve 78d, Riga, LV-1029
Venue No. 3. Ozo ice hall, Stadiona Street 5b, Ozolnieki, LV-3018
Venue No. 4. Mogo ice hall, Brīvības gatve 335, Riga, LV-1006
Venue No. 5. Daugava ice hall, Augšiela 1, Riga, LV-1009
Venue No. 6. Kurbads ice hall, Lidlauka Street 37, Rumbula, Riga, LV-1063
Venue No. 7. Zemgale ice hall, Rīgas Street 11, Jelgava, LV-3002
Venue No. 8. Akropole ice hall, Maskavas Street 257, Rīga, LV-1019
Venue No. 9. Mārupe ice hall, Kantora street 128, Mārupe, LV-2167
Venue No.10. Vidzemes ice hall, Mezezera iela 3, Aizupes, Tinuzu pag., Ikskiles nov., LV-5001


Accommodation will be only in by organizers approved hotels:

  • Belleuvue Park hotel Rīga, Slokas Street 1, Rīga, LV-1048
  • Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Kugu Street 24, Riga, LV-1048
  • Radisson Latvija, Elizabetes Street 55, Rīga, LV-1010,
  • Primo hotel, Nometņu Street 62, Rīga, LV-1002,
  • Dodo hotel, Jersikas Street 1, Rīga, LV-1003

Time of event No.1. : April 1.-3. 2022, for groups U12 AAA & U12 AA
Time of event No.2. : April 8.-10. 2022, for groups U 14 AAA & U14 AA
Time of event No.3. April 15.-18. 2022, for groups U13/U15
Time of event No.4. April 22.-24., 2022, for groups U9/U11/U16
Time of event No.5. April 29.- May 1. 2022, for groups U10/U18/U20


1. Competition participants

1.1. In addition to these Regulations, all Tournament participants must comply with all regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, as well as binding international regulations issued in connection with the restriction of Covid-19, as well as current requirements for entry into the Republic of Latvia (, interoperable covid-19 certificate, pcr test etc.) Participants in the tournament are considered to be players, coaches, team representatives, field and team judges, arena staff required to be in the arena during the Tournament, medical staff, media, volunteers and event technicians who perform the necessary work to complete the Tournament. All requirements regarding the location of spectators, participants and organizers at the Tournament venues, including the maximum capacity of spectators, spectator registration, shall be fulfilled in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 662 - Epidemiological safety measures for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 infection (hereinafter – Cabinet Regulation), Cabinet Regulation No. 720 - Regarding declaration of the emergency situation and these Regulations.

1.2. Representatives of all tournament teams must complete and send a certification to the organizer of the event (Supplement No 1) no later than 24 hours before the start of the Tournament that:

1.2.1. Any restrictions on the spread of Covid-19 infection will be followed;

1.2.2. Outside the participation in the international sporting event, will stay at the place of accommodation in the Republic of Latvia indicated in this certification;

1.2.3. For foreign participants - all medical expenses will be paid from personal funds if a person is confirmed to have Covid-19 infection.

1.3. The organizer of the competition shall ensure control at the entrance to the competition venue in order to identify the compliance of the persons present with these Regulations.

1.4. The organizer of the competition shall ensure that persons who do not comply with the requirements of these Regulations are not present in the premises and in the territory of the competition, in places where parents of minor players or children accompanying persons may enter.

1.5. Organizer of the competition has the right to deny entry to the competition to persons with signs of respiratory infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath), recommending to go home and contact their family doctor. Foreign participants will be required to be isolated at the hotel where the team is accommodated.

1.6. The duration of the competition is limited from 8:00 to 22:00, max 12 games per venue will be played during the day, according to the game schedule drawn up by the organizers.

2. Disinfection and hygiene

2.1. The organizer of the competition together with the ice halls provides both employees and participants and accompanying persons with the opportunity to follow hand hygiene (washing hands with running water and soap and hygienic hand dryers, or using hand disinfectants (70% ethanol solution or other effective hand disinfectant).

2.2. The organizer of the competition shall place clearly legible information at the place of the competition, including the toilets, with a reminder to follow hygiene

2.3. Persons from the age of 12 are only allowed to enter all areas of the venue with FFP2 respirators without a valve or medical face masks. Face masks should not be used by children under 7 years of age. Children from 7 to 12 years of age may use non-medical (cloth) face masks.

2.4. Prior to the competition, the organizer together with ice arenas has cleaned the territory and premises, especially thoroughly cleaning all common surfaces (eg door handles, chair armrests, stair and wall railings, surfaces in toilets), using suitable disinfectants.

3. Communication before and during the competition

3.1. The organizer of the competition publicly (including on the website, in the social media, at the venue) places, as well as sends e-mails to the coaches and representatives of the approved teams, inviting the participants to assess their health, inform the participants about the requirements and invite not to participate in the competition, if the person has symptoms of a respiratory infectious disease.

3.2. The organizer of the competition provides a public information channel (by phone, e-mail) for the participants of the competition and their coaches for clarification of unclear questions about the course of the competition and to explain safety measures.

4. Arrival, accommodation and testing rules for participants

4.1. Participants of the competition arrive the day before the start of the competition by personal transport or team bus, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments in force regarding the procedures for international entry and movement in Latvia. The competition organizer will appoint a responsible person who will closely monitor the team's compliance with this Covid-19 protocol and testing rules. It is the responsibility of each team to nominate a responsible person who will ensure strict compliance with the Covid-19 protocol and testing rules developed by the competition organizers.

4.2. International participants are accommodated only in by organizers approved hotels (the official competition hotels) in accordance with the hotel's additional security regulations:

4.2.1. Accommodation exclusively on seperate floor, two or three persons per

4.2.2 Separate dining time zone.

4.3. If a case of COVID-19 is detected in any of the teams:

4.3.1. Contact persons are identified and informed of the obligation to perform antigen self-tests each day of the tournament. Contact persons who have a negative antigen self-test and are asymptomatic will continue to participate in the tournament.

4.3.2. The person in charge of the competition organizer, together with the person in charge of the team, will contact the specialist of the Center for Disease and Prevention and Control to agree on further action.

4.3.3. If the infected person's state of health deteriorates, the Emergency Medical Service 113 is called, informing about the infected person's state of health or contact with Covid 19 patients, and possible hospitalization issues have been resolved.

4.3.4. Tournament organizers may request additional testing during the tournament according to the current epidemiological situation in the country and the prevalence of the disease in the tournament.

5. Competition venues

5.1. The competitions are held in accordance with the requirements of the semi-safe operation mode, in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation. In the hall premises, the participants of the competition, the staff of the organizers and the parents of the underage players or the persons accompanying the children are provided with regulated flow control and a separate entrance and exit to the hall.

5.2. When visiting the ice hall, the mutual physical (2 meters) distance must be observed.

5.3. Persons from the age of 12 are only allowed to enter all areas of the venue with FFP2 respirators without a valve or medical face masks. Face masks should not be used by children under 7 years of age. Children from 7 to 12 years of age may use non-medical (cloth) face masks.

5.4. Persons with signs of respiratory infectious disease shall BE PROHIBITED FROM BEING PRESENT in the arena.

5.5. Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene conditions must be met.

5.6. If these regulations are not followed, the visitor of the arena MUST LEAVE the arena premises IMMEDIATELY.

6. Competition

6.1. No more than 22 field players, 3 coaches/accompanying persons may apply for participation in the team (cup competition) in accordance with Paragraph 1.1 and 1.2. of these Regulations`.

6.2. The competition lasts for three days, except U13/U15 tournament that last four days, in several arenas at the same time, according to the game schedule compiled by the organizers. The tournament of each tournament group is held in the ice hall determined by the organizers, the maximum number of games set for each team is 7 games (U13/U15 tournament is 8 games), scheduled to play two or three games in each of the days of the tournament.

6.3. Within one tournament, five separate tournaments are played in the following age groups:

6.3.1. dates 1.-3.04.22. U12 AAA (max 32 teams can be registered), U12 AA (max 16 teams can be  registered)

6.3.2. dates 8.-10.04.22. U14 AAA (max 30 teams can be registered), U14 AA (max 16 can be registered)

6.3.3. dates 15.-18.04.22. U13 (max 40 teams can be registered) U15 (max 30 teams can be registered)

6.3.4. dates 22.-24.04.22. U9 (max 16 teams can be registered), U11 (max 32 teams can be registered), U16 (max 20 teams can be registered)

6.3.5. dates 29.04.-1.05.22. U10 (max 30 teams can be registered) U18 (max 20 teams can be registered) U20 (max 12 teams can be registered)

6.4. The game time is 3 x 15 minutes, without time interruption or "running time", maximum 60 minutes per game. The break between games is set for 15 minutes for ice restoration and ventilation of the hall, disinfection of the premises / equipment.

6.5. A maximum of 44 participants and 4 referees can be on the ice at the same time, the game starts without greeting the teams.

6.6. Judges and organizers of the competition in the competition premises, except during the competition games, use a medical face mask or respirator without a valve.

7. Preparation for the competition (for the game)

7.1. The teams arrive at the competition according to the game schedule drawn up by the organizers, not earlier than 60 minutes before the start of the game.

7.2. Team members use the locker rooms according to the schedule drawn up by the organizers, only for changing the cloth and equipment.

7.3. Warm-up before the game takes place only outdoors.

7.4. Avoid touching your face and face shields as much as possible. If you have to touch your face or face shield, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer!

7.5. Do not collectively use the same water bottle, towels or other equipment!

7.6. When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a napkin or the inside of a bent elbow! Dispose the napkin in the waste bin and wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer!

7.7. Avoid activities that involve high-level group interactions, such as team meetings!

7.8. Avoid general physical interactions, including hugging, high-five greetings, contact with fists, hand shaking, or handing over objects!

8. End of the game, awarding

8.1. At the end of the game, the team members go to the locker room without handshaking. You can stay in the locker rooms for no longer than 30 minutes after the game.

8.2. The best players of each tournament are awarded individually after the end of the tournament, outdoors.

8.3. The captain of the medal team of each tournament receives a cup and medals after the game for the tournament place (after the last game in the tournament).




Supplement No1


Name, age group of the team


Name, surname of the team representative


Phone number


E-mail address





With this certificate I, ________________________________________, hereby confirm the following:

  • I will comply with all the restrictions specified for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infection.
  • I will ensure that the members of my team comply with all established restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.
  • Team members will cover all medical expenses if Covid-19 infection is confirmed.








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