Thank you to all participants for participating in the RHC Development series by Overspeed 2021. We are very pleased with the huge interest you have shown. This kind of event was organized for the first time in Latvia and we are genuinely glad that we were able to be a part of this historic event, when the first camp seminar was attended by 40 children and 15 youth hockey coaches, who not only took part in educational lectures but also acquired practical knowledge on the ice. The event was hosted both by our experts, who have rich experience in North America, and by joining lecturers from the USA on the Zoom platform.

Your energy and huge interest gives us the next impetus to continue working in this field as well. Feedbacks shows that the knowledge gained in this camp seminar is invaluable both for the future growth of young hockey players and for coaches who work with young people and children on a daily basis.

As tournament organizers, we are responsible for making the Riga Hockey Cup not only a place for children and youth to join forces with other hockey teams, but also to provide educational support, which can be an important baggage in a future hockey career.

Thank you for your work, we were really happy to share this unique experience with you. At the same time, we do not intend to stop at what has started! We will report on the news and upcoming camps in 2022 in the near future. Have a successful season and see you very soon!


Links to the video from the coaches' seminar are available on the Latvian Hockey Federation's youtube channel:

























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