How to apply for the tournament?


You must first complete the TRUE RHC or RHC Summer Edition online registration form. After registration is received, the tournament representative will send you a deposit invoice of EUR 400,-. After paying the bill, the team is confirmed for the tournament by adding the team name on the website. Access to the team profile is sent to the team manager. To log in to the team profile in RHC system, please use LOG IN on our website.


What is a team profile, why is it needed?

The team profile is the main system tool through which basic team information is added and orders are placed:
- team logo, photo is added;
- a list of players, coaches and accompanying persons is added;
- meals are ordered and allergens are indicated;
- Before each meal in the arena, the team manager must confirm the number of eaters to the arena representative by displaying a QR code, which is scanned. QR code is available in the team profile under "Catering".
- transport is ordered (transfers or private bus);
- accommodation is ordered;
- a “rooming list” is filled in, which is handed over to the hotel and other additional documents do not have to be filled in upon arrival.


How many games are guaranteed to the team during the tournament?

The team is guaranteed 7 games in each age group, except for the U13 / U15 groups, which are guaranteed 8 games in the tournament.


What is the playing time in the tournament?

The duration of a game is 3 x 15 minutes (raw time). The last two minutes of the third period – clear time. The maximum total duration of a single game is 60 minutes (including warm-up), if a referee of the particular game has not decided otherwise. Exception Nr. 1: the duration of the U-9 and U-10 tournament games is 2 x 15 minutes (raw time) and the last two minutes of the third period – clear time. The maximum total duration of a single game is 45 minutes (including warm-up), if a referee of the particular game has not decided otherwise. There are no breaks between periods.


What is the maximum and minimum number of participants in a team?

The maximum number of participants in a team is 25 (20 players, 2 goalkeepers, 3 coaches and assistant coaches). Minimum number 12 (10 players, 1 goalkeeper, 1 coach).


Is catering provided for tournament participants?

Breakfast is provided at the hotel, as well as extra lunch and dinner. 5 hot meals to foreign teams:
- on Friday: lunch, dinner;
- on Saturday: lunch, dinner,
- on Sunday: lunch. P.s. Dinner can be ordered separately through the organizer.
3 warm meals for local Latvian teams: lunch on Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Is transport provided?

Teams that arrive to the tournament without their own transport can book 47-seat buses. You will find more information in the section "BUS RENTAL"


Can parents travel with the team?

Parents can travel with the team if the hotel is booked through the tournament organizer.


Can I book a hotel other than the official hotel of the tournament?

It is not possible to book a hotel that is not included in the official hotel list of the tournament. Reservations are made ONLY through the tournament organizer, otherwise team participation will not be confirmed.


Do parents live in the same hotel with their children?

Yes, the tournament organizer provides this opprotunity. Parents can choose separate rooms or order together - participant + parents.


Can parents order a package price (accommodation + meals)?

Yes, parents can order the package price with the team.


Can parents only book a hotel, without catering in the arenas?

Yes, parents can book hotel rooms with the team, as well as rooms in a separate hotel.


Are online broadcasts available?

Yes, teams can order online broadcasts separately, the price for a live broadcast package of 7 games is 420 euros + VAT per team.


How to order visas?

We help foreign teams organize visa orders. In order for the organizer to send the invitation, it needs a list of all participant data. For more info, please contact the organizer.


Can I book a guided city tour?

Yes, it is possible to book a guide or city tour. Please contact the tournament organizer for more information.

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