We have received questions from our observant followers about possible plagiarism regarding our RIGA HOCKEY CUP tournament. It must be admitted that NO brand is 100% protected from plagiarism. Large, recognizable brands / products are copied everyday and are practically impossible to track. WHAT TO DO? Pay attention to quality, content, compliance with requirements, to verify the credibility and authenticity of the information provided, etc.

IS IT PLAGIARISM? Apparently, the elements of visual identity and intellectual property, including the logo, video highlights, of our RIGA HOCKEY CUP tournament, were of interest and used in the media without our consent. BUT THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN – TOURNAMENT, it`s organizing process, components and quality IS NOT POSSIBLE to copy.

ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT. As you know, THE ORGANIZATION OF AN INTERNATIONAL ICE HOCKEY TOURNAMENT IS A MUCH MORE COMPLEX PROCESS THAN JUST AN IDEA, INITIATIVE OR MEDAL PRESENTATION. RIGA HOCKEY CUP – it is a huge daily work, including work and communication with teams, game calendar development, ice arena provision, staff, accommodation, transportation, catering, pre-tournament meetings, communication, game broadcasting, and most importantly TOURNAMENT PARTICIPANTS, COOPERATION PARTNERS AND TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS with extensive experience and extensive knowledge in their field. That’s much harder to copy than a tournament logo!

ABOUT THE TEAM, HISTORY AND RESULTS. Given the high volume of work and the uneven distribution of the workload between the organizers, in 2017, co-founder and creator of this tournament Angelo Bomius decided to stop participating in the tournament organization process. Taking over the responsibilities of Angelo, our team (Riga Cup Events) continued to work on the organization and development of the tournament, based on experience to date, skills and professionalism. Initially we introduced a number of NOVELTIES as well as the minimum level of COMMUNICATION required today, such as: 1) development of the tournament’s visual identity, including a well-known and recognizable logo for the audience; 2) a website www.rhc.lv featuring the tournament’s most essential information; 3) and social media – Facebook and Instagram accounts – for tournament news, quick photo uploads from the games, faster communication and other activities; 4) final game broadcasts; 5) and video highlights with outstanding moments from the games right after each tournament, etc. Namely, we do not stop and continue to develop all of the above. However, for the third year in a row, we receive APPRECIATION FROM THE TEAMS AND PARTNERS FOR SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER AWARENESS OF THE TOURNAMENT ISSUES!

But the most important work is on the content and quality of the TOURNAMENT itself, lately paying more attention to improving the game calendar, improving the comfort of the participants, taking into account the rising number of teams (+ 50)! Accordingly, we provide with new ice arenas such as Jelgava, Ogre, Marupe, and mall “Akropole” that have been added lately and expand options of accommodation facilities in the new hotels. Namely, our task list list has many different issues – provision of judges, catering, gifts and awards, team meetings, awards ceremonies, etc. – that are part of our organization process and are in the process of changing as we strive for the perfect tournament!

In the same time, taking into account recurring situation of load distribution between organizers / partners, non-feasance and rejected offer for load distribution review, we have officially agreed on the uncontested partner separation and our team`s full rights for further organization of the RIGA HOCKEY CUP, as evidenced by the signatures of both parties in related documents in the presence of lawyers (all documents are available for inspecition upon request). After evaluating the current situation, the role of each party, goals, motivation and actual contribution of each party in the tournament organization, Angelo has decided to return and join our team! (more in Angelo Bomius is Back). Our MOTO – WORK TO ACHIEVE!

LATEST NEWS. Currently in our work, in the process of organizing the tournament, similarly to the last 3 years, EVERYTHING IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN. Respectively, we manage all the same functions we have managed in recent years, namely raising the bar and striving for even better results, service and quality. Registration for the tournament is in full swing and over 200 teams from 20 countries have already applied - Teams. Do not miss the opportunity to register your team for Europe’s Largest Youth Ice Hockey Tournament – RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2020.

In turn, rumors or usage of the logo without our consent, of course, is an unpleasant fact, but certainly cannot have a significant impact on the process like organizing a RIGA HOCKEY CUP tournament or anyhow affect our intellectual property that we ourselves have created and developed. Namely, we promise to follow the information in the media, to the extent preventing potential plagiarism and deception. We want to be as OPEN and TRANSPARENT as possible, therefore we regularly update tournament participants and collaboration partners on current events throughout our media.

WE ARE FOR HONESTY, QUALITY, TRANSPARENT WORK AND OPENNESS, so we will be more than happy to answer any questions about the tournament. Feel free to call, write or make an appointment to get get acquainted and know more about RIGA HOCKEY CUP tournament. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT AIM FOR THAT! Therefore, if you have any suggestions, we will be more than happy to hear out everyone!


If you have any questions, WELCOME!

Jānis Jansons
+ 371 26378360

See you in Riga!

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