With the final games in age groups U12, U14 and U16 RIGA HOCKEY CUP SUMMER EDITION 2021 is over.

In the U12 age group, the BHC37 / MOGO team triumphed quite convincingly, celebrating victories in all games, but did not leave any hopes in the finals HS RIGA 2010. If in the group stage tournament the opponent was defeated with the result 3:1, then already in the final BHC37 / MOGO won their opponents quite convincingly 7:2. The third place in the tournament was taken by JELGAVAS LSS and HK ZIBEŅI teams. HK ZIBEŅI could not play the bronze match, so it was decided to give both teams a third place in the tournament.

U12 MVP of the tournament:

Best goalie #30 Gustavs Šlēgelmilhs “Jelgavas LSS”

Best defense #28 Adrians Ābols–Eiduks “BHC37/MOGO”

Best forward #13 Nikolajs Zolotarevs “BHC37/MOGO”

Best scorer #28 Adrians Ābols–Eiduks “BHC37/MOGO”

HK ZIBEŅI was crowned champion in the U14 age group, who celebrated convincing victories on the way to the final, but in the golden game they defeated BHC37/VALMIERA team only 5:4, who equalized the result of the game for 4 times. HS RIGA 2009 (3:1 against HS RIGA 2008) celebrated the victory in the game for the 3rd place in the Riga derby.

U14 MVP of the tournament:

Best goalie #30 Ralfs Siņelobovs “IHS”

Best defense #14 Raivo Dišlers “HK Zibeņi”

Best forward #57 Daniels Reidzāns “BHC37/Valmiera”

Best scorer #3 Raitis Riekstiņš “HK Zibeņi”

In the U16 age tournament HS RĪGA 2006 left no hope for their opponents and celebrated convincing victories in all games, triumphing in the whole tournament. In the final, peers from the OGRE team were defeated 6:0. Meanwhile, bronze was won by PRIZMA hockey players, who won HS RIGA 2007 with the result 2:1. The final result was already achieved in the 7th minute of the game and no more goals were scored.

U16 MVP of the tournament:

Best goalie #31 Oskars Gusevs “HS Rīga 2006”

Best defense #21 Krists Retenais “HS Rīga 2006”

Best forward #9 Sandis Auziņš “HS Rīga 2006”

Best scorer #23 Antons Macijevskis “HS Rīga 2006”


RHC SUMMER EDITION 2021 U12, U14, U16 full ranking


VIETA U12 U14 U16
1 BHC37/MOGO HK Zibeni HS RIGA 2006
2 HS Riga 2010 BHC37/Valmiera Ogre
3 Jelgavas LSS/HK Zibeni Select HS RĪGA 2009 Prizma
4   HS Rīga 2008 HS Rīga 2007
5 HS Mogo IHS BHC37/Valmiera
6 Daugavpils LSS HESSEN Select HESSEN Select
7 HS Rīga 2011 Prizma  
8 Valmiera HC Vipers  
9 Prizma Daugavpils LSS  
10 HS Kurbads HS KURBADS  
11   HS Mogo  
12   Brocēnu NBJSS  

Thank you to the teams for participating and see you in 2022!

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